A large part of the success of the Elora Festival is due to the partnerships we have with our Corporate Sponsors.
Our sponsors align their company with a world-class live performing arts organization with a diverse and sophisticated audience.
We will work with you to design a sponsorship package that will best meet your company's marketing and client entertainment needs.
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Canada Helps Festival

Clearview Strategic Partners

Federal Development Fund of Canada

The Change Alliance

Township of Centre Wellington

Ontario Arts Foundation

Wallenstein Feed Charitable Foundation

Thank you to everyone who has given so generously to the Elora Festival and The Elora Singers over the 2020-2021 season!

This list reflects donations and sponsorships received between October 1, 2019 and August 5, 2020


Estate of Rick Durst

Philanthropist - $25,000 +

Peter Barr and Wendy Donohue

Spaenaur Inc.

Temerty Foundation

Benefactor - $10,000 +

William P Barr Professional Corp.

Jo-Ann Martin

Alan Ralston

Founder's Circle - $5,000 +

Bank of Nova Scotia

Clearview Strategic Partners

Ken and Susan Edwards

Randall Howard

Jeff and Debbie Ostic

Wallenstein Feed Charitable Foundation

Chairman's Circle - $2,500 +

Charlotte Logan and Jane Rapp

Val Koziol

Max and Maureen MacIntyre

Catherine Robertson

John and Diana Spearn

The Change Alliance

Peter White

Conductor's Circle - $2,500 +

Daniel Kappeler

Platinum - $1000 +

Ruth Anne Bauman

Stan and Elizabeth Litch

Laura Robertson and Steve Hornett

Stonefields Foundation

Barbara and Ralph Sykes

Mark Vuorinen & Natasha Campbell

Gold - $500 +

Gerard Hass

Dixie Kee

Rachel King

Margaret Lawrence

Jean McKenzie

George Mochrie

Lynda Newmarch

Shirley Ralston

Silver - $300 +

Vern Austman

Grant Browning

Deborah Kuehnbaum

Scott Pollard

Bronze - $150 +

Catherine Freeborn

Ronald Dunkley

Rod Finnie

Peter and Barbara Peloso

Helen Salmon

Ken and Katherine Seiling

Friend - $75 +

Dorothy Ames Design Studio Ltd

Janis Benson

J Douglas Bodley

Lorraine Clark

Joan Coutu

Pat Dewar

Jamie Ford

Frances Gormley

Keith Halbert

Katy Hales

Charlotte Hewat

William Hutton

Susan James

Ernie Kalwa

Christoph Kessel

Julie Kirkwood

Alexander Kuskis

Lori Labelle

Patricia Lawson

Patricia Liptrap

Kristin Lord

Jane and Robert Martin

John McFall

Janette Noecker

Nancy Regehr

Debbie Schapansky

Jenni Schukow

Beckie Shaw and Shaw Service Ltd.

Vikki Tait

Paul Walker

Donald Warren

Grant Wedge

Julie Wilson

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