Join musicians in the Village Green in Elora for a series of free weekend performances during the Elora Festival.

Check back often for updated info on dates and performers.

SCHEDULE - as of May 27

Thursday July 4- 10:30am
Kate’s Kids 
Please note: This will be at the MacDonald Pavilion at the Elora Centre for the Arts

Friday July 5 - 12:30 pm
University of Waterloo Balinese Gamelan Ensemble

Shimmers of Bronze

Gamelan (gah-muh-lan) is an Indonesian term for music ensemble. On the island of Bali, one among thousands of the Indonesian archipelago, there is a rich array of gamelan – including flute ensembles, mouth harp groups, and percussion ensembles of varying sizes and instruments, some of which feature dance and voice.

At the 2024 Elora Music Festival, the UWaterloo Balinese Gamelan and Grebel Community Gamelan Warga Santi perform on the gamelan semara dana – an orchestra of mallet percussion instruments consisting of tuned gongs and bronze-keyed metallophones led by a double-headed drum.

A late 20th century invention by renowned composer, inventor, and gong-smith, I Wayan Beratha, gamelan semara dana amalgamated two older gamelan from the 1600s and early 1900s to create a new gamelan that would realize both the sonic imagination of innovative Balinese composers and the time-honoured repertoire of their ancestors. Join us in experiencing the shimmering sounds and electrifying rhythms of Bali, Indonesia.

Artistic director: Dewa Suparta, composer, Artist-in-Residence at Conrad Grebel University College
General director: Maisie Sum, ethnomusicologist, Associate Professor at Conrad Grebel University College

Sunday July 7 - 1 pm
Mad Madrigals
Featuring Jennifer Krabbe, Lindsay McIntyre, Christina Stelmacovich, Nicholas Nicolaidis, and Graham Robinson

Saturday July 13 - 12 pm
Nic and Ben

"The Songs We Love to Sing" is a vibrant and uplifting concert experience featuring the talented duo Nic & Ben.
This event invites the audience to relax, soak up the sunshine, and hum along to a selection of beloved songs that resonate across generations.
With a focus on creating a joyful and communal atmosphere, the concert will blend live music with interactive elements, making it an unforgettable afternoon for all attendees.

Sunday July 14 - 1 pm

Saturday July 20- 1pm
KW Woodwind Quintet

The KW Woodwind Quintet (flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon) has delighted audiences in Waterloo Region for 40 years. Their eclectic music for all ages has been heard in schools, noon-hour series, and university recitals.

The Quintet has an extensive repertoire and their programs include classical favourites, popular tunes, movie music and some surprises. Have you heard Mozart played on a garden hose?